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Dream Evil Pictures encompasses the style, experiences, and creative content of April Jones. 

Jones is a documentary filmmaker whose main body of work covers the underground heavy metal and punk rock music genres, and DIY skateboard community.  Her creativity takes on many art forms, including filmmaking, paintings, music, and skateboarding. Connect-


From 2010 through 2015, Jones produced, directed, and edited over 35+ short journalistic documentaries that were collectively called Slayed in Oregon. This series covered the underground heavy metal and punk rock music culture, and aired on Independent Television Network (ITN), public-access TV.  Jones’ next endeavor explored the myths and legends behind 70's shock rock band, The Mentors. This feature film, The Mentors: Kings of Sleaze Rockumentary, is available on Amazon Prime.  In 2019, Jones was awarded the TalNexus Unscripted Film Grant which supported her feature documentary film, Concrete Law. Additionally, skateboard apparel company Vans provided sponsorship for Concrete Law. This documentary explores the evolution and legal struggles of do-it-yourself skateparks, specifically Channel Street DIY Skatepark.

While freelancing in the film industry as Production Designer, Art Director, Set Dresser, and Scenic Artist, her work has been recognized on various notable productions, such as; Portlandia, Little People Big World, Intel Corporation, Red Bull, Roku, Kleenex, Cake (band), and much much more. She has had the opportunity to be a featured guest speaker for the US Embassy of Finland, a Women in Film conference, and State University of Wisconsin-River Falls.

Additional documentary projects are currently in development. 


Behind the Scenes in the Art Department: Portlandia,

Little People Big World, Red Bull

Music Videos: Cake, My G & More


Check out April Jones featured in short documentary series by Tiffany Dancel called Stay Creative, 2020

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