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Los Angeles, November 2018

An all-access exploration of the band and the madness that has always surrounded them... interviews with friends, family, and every living member of The Mentors — as well as, for the first time since Kurt Cobain’s death, Allen Wrench. 

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Los Angeles, November 2018

Looking for a little sleaze in your life? Director April Jones does yeoman’s work dealing with the many unsavory folks that were in the band’s orbit...

Los Angeles, CA, October 2017

The editing of the documentary is something that I have to highlight because it stands out in a good way... Also if you are easily offended then The Mentors: Kings of Sleaze Rockumentary is something you will want to skip.

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The Aquarian Weekly, September 2018

April Jones is a California-based journalist and filmmaker who began her media career doing a heavy metal public access program called Slayed in Oregon. April discovered the Mentors early on when she was younger...

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Exotic Magazine, Portland, OR, September 2018

"Hey fucker, move your shit," I recall her saying to a drunk dude twice her size.

This was my first introduction to April Jones...” 

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Murder Metal Mayhem, Episode 18, August 2018

90-minute episode dedicated to the Mentors. Interviews, including Mentors bassist Dr. Heathen Scum, Mentors filmmaker April Jones, Rick Fisher who created the El Duce mask...

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Thrasher Magazine Issue #456, July 2018

I got a peep of the new documentary Kings of Sleaze... The Mentors put out the raunchiest metal/punk of all time. They have been crude as fuck... but the music is really good.


Metal Titans, Music Spotlight, May 2018

Independent filmmaker April Jones took a few minutes to riff with Metal Titans about  a documentary that she has been working on for a few years; ‘The Kings of Sleaze’ focuses on the Seattle based act The Mentors. 


Metal Titans, Music Spotlight, May 2018

While weaving together rare archival footage, recent tour coverage and an intimate collection of interviews, filmmaker April Jones captures the bands climb from scum to shock to success.


Rokumentti: Rock Film Festival, Joensuu, Finland, Sept 2017

There is only a fine line between offensive content and humour, but April Jones's documentary approaches its subject from an unbiased viewpoint. Jones looks past the band's executioner hoods and provocative outbursts.

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Willamette Week, Portland, OR Aug 2017

Film production started with a U.S. tour with the most notorious self-proclaimed 'rape rock' band, the Mentors. The experience was like being in a van with Beavis and Butthead. 

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Screen Anarchy, Helsinki, Finland, April 2017

The Kings of Sleaze Rockumentary fits the bill of Killer Female Directors. This Night Visions World Premiere provides an in-depth, feature-length look at the infamous "rape rock" group of nearly mythical proportions.

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US Embassy of Helsinki, Finland, April 2017

Film Directors Gary Sherman (Vice Squad, Poltergiest III), Michael O ' Shea (Transfiguration) and April Jones (The Mentors: Kings of Sleaze Rockumentary) visited the embassy to tell us about their films... at the Night Visions Festival 2017. 

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Land of Pop, Portland, OR, Nov 2015

In the course of a month Jones’ typical achievements are paramount to an entire creative team versus a single petite, fireball of a woman. Oozing positive and untapped energy, Jones effortlessly collaborates to curate, organize & promote art shows, front a band, fundraise & paint murals...

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