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Black Water PDX is a punk and metal music recording studio, shop, and an all-ages vegan restaurant, bar and venue. This short documentary highlights the importance of the underground punk and metal music culture to the local and global community. Black Water continues to uphold an inclusive, diverse, and creative scene. Black Water is keeping the underground alive in Portland!

Right now more than ever, community support is vital and this is a reminder to our punk and metal family that we are still a community even if we can't all be together. This short film represents the unique bond that the underground music culture has in Portland, Oregon and beyond. A film by April Jones Please subscribe, ya punks! *Produced & Filmed before Covid

Support the underground

*The original project was produced & directed by John Baxter of Sound Crave Magazine in 2015. Due to technical hardship, the project was never finished and sitting stagnant. That's when filmmaker, April Jones reached out to pick up the project to be edited. 


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